Woman Toppers

About ~

A topper is not a wig. It fits over your hair (Clip-In at the top of your head) ) to add volume and length to your hair.

It will cover any hair damage due to hair loss, or hair and scalp illness. 

The hair from toppers is cuticle aligned. Made from the best premium hair and one donor. 

It clips in with your hair with a premium silk base top. It will feel like your hair, and you can cut, color and style the hair as you want. It will last up to 3 years. No tangles or shedding.

Natural hairline and undetectable.

Density is 130 to 150% to add volume where needed.

This video is just for demonstrative purposes to show how easy it is to clip in a topper, and the 100% coverage and styling into your hair.

Hairwigs4u clip in hair toppers