3x5 (small base) Lace Clip-in Topper

Nov 8, 2023 · Jan 5, 2024
3x5 (small base) Lace Clip-in Topper picture

Are you going on holiday with no time to visit the hair salon? Or maybe the hair salon is closed over the holidays and you still want to look your best for all the family gatherings and functions?

We have the solution for you to help you look your best all the time!

We are offering a R500 discount on the price until January 5th, 2024!

Use code SBT25 at checkout.

A small-base lace topper is the correct choice if you have just started noticing that your hair is thinning and you want to add more volume and enhance your own hair color.

It is easy to attach and undetectable, and you will transform your look within seconds!

The advantages:

  • Volumizing effect. 150% Density.
  • Enhanced coverage.
  • Boosted confidence.
  • Instant style transformation.
  • Versatile styling options.
  • Protective benefit.
  • Conceals regrowth.

Delivery is within 5 to 7 working days, and we have a stylist who can assist with the fitment and styling if required!

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