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Our haircare products have been carefully selected for their ingredients and performance.

* Our shampoo and conditioner are specifically formulated for human hair, to use on your own hair and human hair topper, wig or toupee.

Because your hairpiece does not get any blood flow it must be treated well to ensure longevity and a healthy gloss.

The "secret" ingredient is Buriti Oil: An Exotic Oil That Does Wonders for Your Hair & Hair Piece!

Buriti (Mauritia flexuosa) is a palm tree native to Brazil that normally grows in swamp regions of South America. Its fruit has a hard, red, and scale-like skin that covers a soft and oily pulp, with color variations ranging from dark yellow to reddish (after-ripening). It is possible to extract 45 kg of Buriti oil from 1000 kg of ripened fruits (1). Brazilian natives, who call the Buriti tree “The Tree of Life” treat this tree as sacred because it contains the nutrients and support needed to sustain life. They use the oil to protect the skin and to treat a variety of skin conditions including burns and sunburn.

The Buriti oil contains high concentrations of monounsaturated fatty acids (oleic acid) which have hypocholesterolemic action (2); these concentrations (~72%) are higher than in the olive and Brazilian nut oils.

Buriti oil performance on hair:

Natives of Central Brazil have used Buriti oil to treat dry hair (9) for a long time. Furthermore, researchers from the Natura Inovação e Tecnologia de Produtos, Brazil, evaluated the effect of different Brazilian oils (among them Buriti oil) on human hair physiochemical properties (10), and the results are briefly summarized here:

When applied on dry hair, Buriti oil showed the highest difference in gloss between treated and untreated hair strands. This makes this oil very good as a shine treatment for dull and faded hair.

The study also showed that the Buriti oil helps in reducing the number of split ends during blow-drying/styling.

When doing a combing analysis, the Buriti oil treatments rendered about a 60% reduction of combing force at wet conditions. The reduction of combing forces is a combination of water wetting and the lubricant effects of the oil on the hair strands. This makes the Buriti oil a very good detangler agent when used on course and curly hair. On the other hand, the application of the oil on dry hair didn’t show much combing improvement (less than 10% reduction of combing forces at dry conditions).

Mechanical properties (such as stress at break) were not influenced by Buriti oil treatment. Hair strength is attributed to the cortex, which forms the bulk of the hair fiber and is responsible for the mechanical properties of the strands (11). Buriti oil is composed of high molecular weight fatty chains that are not able to penetrate through the cortex.

  • See all the products available for good hair care & styling:
  • Leave in conditioner with keratin to keep and maintain your hair soft and supple.
  • Lace coloring spray for a natural-looking scalp/hairline.
  • Wig Lace grid concealer stick.
  • Luxury Satin pillows to protect your hair and skin.
  • Thermal hair carrier bags to protect and care for your topper hairpiece and wig.
  • Steam curling iron.
  • Electric straightening comb.
  • Unique design flat iron with twisted plates for straightening and curling.
  • Battery-powered detangle comb.

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