About us

We have a passion for hair and everything that adds to it. Our hair is our crowns, and part of our dress up and image we show to the world every day. 

As we get older and due to other factors such as illness, hormones, and genes our hair undergoes changes as well. 

And with a hairpiece, you will never have a bad hair day again! We would like to help make you look your best every day & for every occasion.

We are based in Pretoria South Africa and service clients nationwide. 

  • We are not a walk-in shop, thus our interaction with you will be online.
  • We do consultations on request and love to hear from you. * Please contact us - call, email, what's up.
  • We prepare your hairpiece once ordered and check that that the color, length, and cap are as chosen & described, and you will receive information and instructions on how to care for your hairpiece.
  • We assist with a stylist & barber to fit the topper/hairpiece/wig for you. 

Take the step and claim your hair confidence back today!


Lizette Du Plessis


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