Hair toppers the benefits

Hair toppers the benefits picture

Clip-in hair toppers is one of the best hair pieces ever created to help woman with thinning hair, hair loss and hair ailments.

With the various cap sizes and hair densities available you can choose one according to your need.

They are long lasting, with good care they will last  more than 4 years. 

 It is also an investment with a good return,  over the long term it will save you a few thousand rands: just think off all the other products you have tried over the years and how much it has cost you.

Once you are the owner of a hair topper you will never want to wear anything else. They are undetectable, and blend in perfectly with your own hair. They come styled and cut in layers already to create volume and body and length.

Toppers is lightweight and you will not even feel like you are wearing one.

The clips can also be adjusted to where you prefer them to clip-in.

The added benefit is that it will cover any outgrow and grey hair too!

Wigs, Hair extensions and any bonding products is a big NO if you are suffering from hair loss and or any hair ailment as these products assist and cause more hair loss.

Human hair toppers is the best. You can treat the hair like your own, style as you want and color.

We all experience hair loss at same stage in our life, be it from pregnancy, stress, menopause, hormonal in balance or illness. Clip-in hair toppers is a life saver and you can walk out of the door and in to any meeting or social event with confidence. 


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