Six tips to take care of your hair piece

Six tips to take care of your hair piece picture

Hairpiece Care: 6 Tips to keep  your hairpiece soft and smooth


While you may think that keeping your hair system soft and smooth would be a complicated process, it’s actually quite simple once you know a few basic hairpiece maintenance techniques. When you start taking your hair system maintenance into your own hands, remember to be patient with yourself and take time to learn. The internet is full of blogs and resources and You Tube has plenty of videos if you feel unsure, and the below points will assist you 100%. 

1) Don’t over-shampoo

If you completely remove all oils on your hair system, it won’t be able to protect itself from damage caused by the weather and pollution. It is important to keep in mind that many shampoos are made with harsh chemicals that are not suitable for use on hairpieces, though you can find some shampoos that are on our website.

* Only use paraben and sulphate free shampoos & conditioners. These are available from Dischem & Clicks & even better if enriched with Argan oil. Argan oil is the best for hair pieces.


2) Go for a swim, but keep your hair safe

The chlorine in pools is sure to try out your hair system, and can even cause permanent damage to your hair system if you spend the whole afternoon underwater. If you can, try to wear a hair cap. You can also put a leave-in conditioner on your hair system before taking a dip to reduce the amount of chlorinated water absorbed into the hair strands. NB: do not swim in sea water. The salt will knot and damage the hair.

3) Don’t overuse your hairdryer

When used frequently, or on high-heat settings, hairdryers will dry out your hair and damage your hair system. If you need to use a hair dryer, make sure that it is on the cool setting. Better yet, leave yourself enough time in the morning for your hair to dry naturally, or wash your hair at night, and let it dry in loose braids overnight. *Lay the hair piece flat to dry naturally & then style it. (Clip-in hair toppers) Male hair systems can be dried on the head.

4) Use conditioner regularly: (Take your hair piece to your stylist regularly for a good hair treatment in between home care.)

Since your Hair System cannot produce oil on its own, a regular conditioning routine is essential. After each time that you wash your hair system, you should apply, then thoroughly rinse out a conditioner. That said, not all are made equally, similarly to shampoos, there are specially formulated conditioners designed to be used with hair systems. *Paraben & Sulphate free, and enriched with Argan Oil.

5) Stay away from the rays

Taking proper care of your hair system during the summer just like you would take care of your skin should be a key part of your hairpiece care routine. Just like your skin, your hair system can be seriously damaged by UV rays. Try to reduce sun exposure to your hair system, or better yet, use a protective sealer such as Beamarry Heat & Sun Protection Detangle Spray 250ml, available on Takelot, (R161) to enjoy your time in the sun while protecting your hair system.

6) Take care of your hair knots (Only applicable with lace systems)

Hair knots are the tiny dots that you can see looking when you look at your hair system base closely. These are the knots that tie the strands of hair to the hair system base. Taking proper care of these knots is essential to maintaining the volume of your hair system, since there is no way for hairs to grow back after they fall out. It is important that you are using a knot sealer regularly, and follow basic hair knot maintenance steps. * Silicone spray applied to the base underneath when the system is dry & free of any conditioner.


*Making your hairpiece care a priority will not only keep your hair system looking in top condition but will save you money in the long-run by extending your hair system lifespan.

*While it might seem difficult to incorporate all of these tips into your hairpiece care routine all at once, start to gradually include them in your routine.

Got any other questions for us? Feel free to give us a call. 


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