Why a toupee?

Why a toupee? picture

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly ~

Advantages of wearing a toupee

Here are some easy-to-see benefits of wearing hair replacement systems: 

It offers an instant solution to hair loss

Rather than paying thousands of rands for a hair transplant and still having to wait for months for the hair to grow, you can give yourself instant voluminous hair with a hairpiece. Once you have picked the right size, color, density, etc., attach it on your head, and you’re done. 

It is affordable 

The price for a hair replacement system is far lower than surgical hair replacement. While it costs thousands of rands for transplanting hair, you will need to pay less than R5000 for a hair unit. In fact, it even doesn’t cost that much.  

It comes in various styles

There are a lot of types for you to choose such as curly, wavy, grey toupee, and so on. Aside from the ready-made hair piece, you can order a tailor-made unit to have it styled like what you desire. 

It looks natural

Choose a 100% human hair toupee only.

It requires maintenance

Even though there are no medical risks or whatsoever, a toupee needs taking of just like it will be your own hair. It is only able to maintain its natural-looking and healthy appearance when you take good care of it. Similar to your real hair, a toupee need washing, drying, conditioning, and so on. 

You will need to purchase more than once

A Toupee hairpiece is not a one-time investment. Just so you know, a human hair unit can last for up to 24 months. ( And longer) In other words, you will have to buy a new one when the old piece is no longer usable. 

Types of hair toupee

The second thing to look at is the variations of toupee hair pieces. In other words, “What is the base of a toupee made of” is a must-answer question if you are about to pick a suitable piece for yourself. 

Regarding the base types, you can divide it into 03 main categories: monofilament, lace, and skin base. There is no fixed answer to the question “what is the best base for a toupee” because each base would be suitable for different tastes. 


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