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Men Hair Replacement Systems *Click to read picture

Are you tired of wearing caps/hats everywhere you go? Looking older than you are and feel? Not having confidence due to your premature hair loss and baldness? Have you tried hair growth tonics and shampoos that do not work and hair transplants that are too expensive and with no guarantee that they will work?

A non-surgical hair replacement hairpiece is the answer. It does not cost an arm and a leg, it is easy to attach, undetectable, it will not slide off and neither will a strong wind lift it up into the air.

A hairpiece is made of 100% human hair. You can wash and style it as you would with your own hair. The hairpiece is attached either with double-sided tape or special hair glue to your scalp. It blends in with your side hair and no one will know that it is a hairpiece. Re-gluing or re-taping is required every 3 to 4 weeks. 

A cap is chosen according to your head size. There are various cap types available, meaning the material they are made of is silk, lace, mono, or thin skin.  If you are considering a hairpiece for the first time, we will assist in choosing the right cap for you.

  • Contact us for assistance on Whats up. phone or by email.
  • We do provide a fitment and styling option with our stylist.

Delivery/collection/fitting is within 5-7 days. 

Payment options available at checkout via Payfast :  EFT, Credit/Debit Card, and Mobicred with up to 12 Installments.




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