Which Topper is right for you?

Which Topper is right for you? picture

Hair toppers, also called hairpieces come in various styles, textures, and colors. They are incredible solutions for those looking to add volume, length and helps those looking to conceal hair loss. You can even use them when you’re looking to cover up root growth in between salon visits. The topper will be totally invisible to everyone around you, you’ll look incredible!

If you’re looking for some volume or hair fill in around the crown of your head, and around then a hair topper will be perfect!

A hair topper is designed for you to still be able to see the hair underneath and is considered more of an addition to your hair. With the full intention of your natural hair being shown. 

The secret of choosing the correct topper is the topper capsize, the topper cap with the clips will cover your thinning area or bald patches on the top, crown, and sides of your head area while also giving volume with the length.

 Except for cancer patients with some or complete baldness and alopecia hair loss for which there is also a solution!

As most wig toppers are chosen to blend with your own hair, it is important to choose a color that closely matches your natural hair color. 

Length is chosen according to your own hair length and preference: 8 to 24 Inches.

  1. If you are experiencing the beginning of hair loss - you notice your hair is thinner and need some volume our * 5x5 Mono Base Topper with 4 clips or the * 13x13 Mono Base with PU for a secure fit and 3 clips is the correct toppers, to begin with. 130% Density which will add the volume, length, and body you require and will cover and clip-in to the top part of your head.
  2. The second stage is where you can notice your scalp through your hair parting: middle, left, right, or to the sides  - no hair along the parting to the crown area/sides of your head - our  * 6x7 Silk base topper or the   6x6.5 is the correct topper to cover this hair loss and will cover the top/crown area and sides of your head. These toppers are medium/heavy density. 140-150% Density.
  3. The third stage is where you have more hair loss or bald patches to the side of your head and crown area and need nearly full coverage - our * 8x8 Silk base topper is the correct topper to cover this hair loss. It has a stretchable base for a comfortable fit and medium hair density.
  4. The fourth stage is where you are completely bald - our * 10x10 silicon injected toupee wig will give you full coverage. It fits like a cap over your head and will not slip off. Hair density is medium/heavy.

The hair is 100% human hair and can be treated like your own restyling - wash and dry, curl, straighten, color, and cut.

Please see our photo gallery and video section for more information and before and after pictures.

If you’re looking to choose a hair topper but are still unsure of which one to choose from, do not hesitate to contact us.

Color options: We can customize any color. If you do not find your color here, just ask us to match for you.



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